My journey

This is going to be my blog about my health challenges, choices, and results. I am at my unhealthiest. I look awful and feel worse. But I have a plan to help me regain my footing and be the person I want to be. So I’m ready for the first step. The big overall in your face THING is that I’ve consulted with professionals, and decided to do a gastric sleeve. Yeah. Not an easy decision. And I go into it knowing it’s a lifestyle change. Not a quick fix.  It won’t be the easy way out. It will take work on my part. A lot of work.

So here is the reality. I want to do more. I want to be active. This is for me. Not a number on a scale. Not a size in jeans.  My surgery is set for the day befor Thanksgiving. I will have better results if I move now and try to lose a little weight beforehand.

Im going to get help with the Profile program. It’s Profile by Sanford. They offer support, tools and food to kickstart me. I will start the program to help get me surgery ready. It all begins NOW.


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