Day one with Profile by Sanford

I met with my Profile counselor yesterday for measurements, weight, and an overview of the program. I really feel Tyler is going to be a great motivator for me. I don’t feel like I am being judged by her (or anyone there) for being so overweight. It’s really not like anyone can judge me harsher than I judge myself, but still.

We picked out my products for the week and I am all set. I have the very high tech scale that I need to hook up to the wi-fi later this week. I don’t plan on getting on that bad boy until next Tuesday morning, before my next meeting with Tyler.

I had sampled several of the products by Profile, and liked what I had. But I’ve always been someone who didn’t mind the taste of diet shakes etc. I used to love Slim Fast! I always really liked the Medifast products I had too. I had my first Profile shake this morning. It was Chocolate Mocha. And it was delish! I seriously enjoyed it. So now I am finishing my morning latte made with 3 shots of espresso, fat free milk, sugar free coffee syrup and a dollop of fat free whip cream. I made sure I am under the 200 mg of caffeine limit for the day. I do plan on making the switch from fat free milk to almond milk, as it will have more protein. It was a change I was planning on anyhow for surgery.

I have all of my food for the day with me. And in 10 minutes I will have my next Profile product, a Strawberry smoothie. I think the hardest part for me will be the water intake. 64 ounces seems like a ton of water. But I’ve known I wasn’t drinking enough, so I’m going to take on the challenge.

I also have my workout clothes in the car and plan to hit the gym for a little walk after work. Baby steps. 15 minutes to start is my goal.

I did have pizza last night for supper. As a farewell to crappy food that has harmed me. LOL

I got this.


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