Still on day one….

So far I love the Profile food! This chocolate hazelnut shake is divine! A local restaurant just dropped off a ton of amazing smelling food. There is a shrimp scampi, a lasagna, and so much more. Instead of eating it, I grabbed my shake, my 3/4 ounce of cheese, and carrot sticks for lunch. And boogied out of the break room. Leave the temptation behind. If I don’t smell it, I won’t want it.

I’ve had so much water today I can’t keep out of the bathroom. My poor bladder! But I did get my new Sketcher Memory Foam shoes I ordered today! They are stylish, light weight and have memory foam inside. Very comfy. It has me motivated to workout. At least 15 minutes of walking is going to happen.

So far so good. It’s 1pm. I got this.


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