Day three of Profile

In the past when I have made a change like this to my diet, the hardest part has been the first three days. I end up grumpy, tired and hungry. I haven’t seen or felt that this time. Everyday I’ve been on it, free food has arrived at the station. Today they are ordering Northern Lights Pizza for the staff. I haven’t caved yet. Today could be a challenge just smelling that pizza!

I’ve gotten my water in all three days. My poor little bladder is certainly confused. Yesterday I didn’t have any hunger pains. In fact, I had to force myself to eat dinner (sauteed shrimp and green beans) and my last shake of the day.

I was a little run down in the afternoon when I got home, and took a little nap. Then Rhi and I went to the pool and swam for 40 minutes. So I still was active.

Several people are already asking me about the program and another co worker was convinced to give them a call about a possible endorsement. I do love the taste of the shakes! And the chews are really really helpful when I want something extra.

I did learn that tv might be a trigger for me, or an eating habit I need to change. I was watching Hell’s Kitchen last night and the food they were cooking looked delicious. Then I started going thru the cabinets in my mind, figuring out what we had to eat and snack on. As soon as I realized this behavior, I shut off the tv and went to bed. I figured that would be the safest way to keep crap out of my mouth.

Plan for today is to walk this afternoon.


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