Last night was a true challenge

I did great for most of yesterday. I was down 13 pounds. Stopped out at Profile to pick up food for the next week. Then things went down hill. My husband forgot he was supposed to take our 6 year old to soccer practice, which was when I had planned to get some exercise. By the time he realized it I had taken her to practice and sat thru most of it. So I was ticked off. Which lead me to being hot headed and not in control.

Now cue food. In this frame of mind, I started to want things. I saw him making dinner for them and I wanted some of that bread. Then I wanted pizza. Then all I could think about was sushi. Bingo….when I get emotional I eat. So at one point I had convinced myself that I wasn’t an emotional eater. Now I have to take a step back and look inwards…holy crap….that might be something I overlooked. Or was in denial about. All I know is when I was ticked off, things started to snowball.

So my husband told me to 1) get out of the kitchen and 2) go to bed. So I took an Ambien and crashed. This prevented me from what might have been very bad behavior. Like major pizza chains being called to the house for delivery service. I was ready to go all in.

Luckily this morning I woke to some strength and thankfulness that I didn’t screw up all my hard work.  But it was close.

So back on track. It’s been too long since I’ve exercised. So today I got to get to it. And I meet with my Profile counselor today. Oh, and the best thing is that 3 co workers have commented on how good I look! Woot Woot!!!

So here is my musical motto for today….


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