A walking we will go…

Yesterday I met up with my Profile counselor and she said to keep on doing what I’m doing. I’m learning a lot about what triggers me to eat. Which is behavior I will need to keep in check once I have my gastric sleeve surgery. And drinking all the water required for Profile is a good thing, as that amount is also required after my surgery. So I’m basically in training mode for the rest of my life. It takes a while to reset your brain and break out of old habits. I’m getting there. My nightly Dairy Queen runs have been eliminated. I am no longer drinking diet soda. Or stuffing things in my mouth after 8pm.

I’m writing this as I am drinking my Strawberry Creme smoothie from Profile. Love it.

Yesterday I really wanted to take some me time, and walk with my headphones on. So before I left the radio station, I put on my workout clothes. Then I met with Tyler, my counselor. And I was dressed to work out so I had no excuse not to go. I ran home, got the dog, and we took off for a walk. We doubled our normal neighborhood walk, so it took about 30 minutes. Then I came home and put the dog in the house. It was time to go pick up my daughter from her after school program. Her school is like 3 blocks away. Instead of driving, I walked. I put my headphones back on, and hoofed it over. When I got her I informed her we were walking home. We spent the time together talking about her day. We talked about what she learned, who she played with etc.

Rhi is really into insects, and on my earlier walk, I came across a huge praying mantis outside our back door. I didn’t want him to get stepped on, so I moved him to a branch by our front bushes. When Rhi and I returned home, I was able to show her the praying mantis. She loved it! I kept thinking, if I hadn’t had taken time for me, to go for a walk, I would have missed seeing it.

My goal for the weekend is to create a music playlist to get my heart pumping. Something to listen to as I walk. So this song is my motivation for today.


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