Seriously? More free food?

I work at a radio station. We often have restaurants drop off free food. Like a fast food joint is unveiling a new product, so they bring 25 of the new sandwich to the station in the hopes we will talk about it on the air.  Or we have staff meetings where we order pizza. Or potlucks. That type of thing. In the 11 days that I’ve been on Profile, there has been more free food here, than ever before. It’s insane.

So last week, 3 out of the 5 work days had free food in the kitchen. And I mean amazing smelling foods. I used to be like everyone and do the free food shuffle down the hall, load up our plates, and gorge ourselves. Last week I didn’t indulge once. It wasn’t easy. But I saw results on the scale. And I felt like I had a small victory.

Then last week I had a remote (where I make an appearance for work at a business) where there was free pizza AND booze. I resisted. I was proud of myself once again!

Today our front desk girl got on the intercom to let us know there was free chicken in the break room. I thought, hmmm maybe it’s like a rotissere chicken that I could take a little bite of. Nope. The line out of the break room was getting pretty long, so I peaked my head in to discover FRIED CHICKEN AND MASHED POTATOES WITH GRAVY. Are you freakin kidding me??? The smell was about to make me pass out. (it was heavenly)

Luckily it was gone before I could even really contemplate cheating. Now tonight I have an event where there is a wine and chocolate happy hour. That once again, I’m going to have to be strong for. Whew. There are times I think this is too hard. But then I realize, if I am going to make a huge, massive lifestyle change…it IS GOING TO BE HARD!

These few weeks of Profile, are nothing compared to the changes that I will be making with gastric sleeve surgery. So I need to get over it being hard, and accept that this is choice that I made. I didn’t make smart decisions and it lead me down a very unhealthy road. Now I’m making a different choice. And everyday will be a struggle. So I need to take it one day at a time. One meal at a time. I need to be prepared to face the challenge head on. I’m seeing results. My hard work will be rewarded.

I got this.

Today, I got this.


One thought on “Seriously? More free food?

  1. I wish your would really work on helping their staff eat healthier as a whole. It doesn’t help that there is constant not so healthy food. I can’t wait until they see how well you do and they all start making changes. I have seen it happen with businesses before.


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