It’s one step at a time. And it’s NOT a setback!

Let’s recap the last two weeks shall we?

I started Profile two weeks ago tomorrow. I posted massive results the first week with a weigh in that showed 13 pounds lost. Yeah me!! So of course I like the scale when it is my friend. I weighed again on Thursday and lost another 2 pounds. Hell yeah!

I have my next counselor appointment today and I weighted in gaining a pound. AND I’M OK.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. I feel like my body is confused. Not really sure what I’m doing, so I was not expecting more than 2 pounds weight loss for week 2. Gaining a pound, is ok. My body is figuring it all out. So why might I have gained? I followed the plan. Except for a few things yesterday that weren’t ideal.

1) I had a BBQ to go to and I made an amazing banana pudding that is like crack. I had one spoonful. 1 spoon. Not a bowl. Not a huge tupperware container full like last time this was in my house. Just one spoon.

2) I behaved at the BBQ only eating a grilled chicken breast and a few raw veggies from a veggie plate. No dip. So I didn’t have enough vegetables. I knew that. And around 9pm last night I got a hankering for crap food. Like ‘let’s order two pizzas and eat it all tonight’ kinda stuff. Instead, I grilled up an 8oz New York Strip steak I had in the fridge that was going to be for dinner before the BBQ happened. I used some spice on it. I sliced the whole thing in to thin strips. I took about 3-4 ounces and dipped it in a Walden Farms Honey BBQ sauce. My husband made a wrap with the rest of the steak before I could devour it all. That seemed to be enough to get me over the hump. Again, it could have been worse. I shouldn’t have eaten that late for one. For two, the protein was better than the carbs I would have gotten from pizza crust. But I think I did ok.

So positives? Lots of trick or treating events for my daughter that offered up lots of candy. I didn’t have any. My family had fast food after my daughter’s soccer game. I did not. I resisted temptation galore at the BBQ. This morning there are bagels with cream cheese in the break room, and I’m not having any. I made my Profile shake. Since I’ve started I’ve quit soda completely.

Although I did have a dream last night that I was cheating by eating a Heath Bar. I could taste the toffee in my mouth. No evidence of any wrapper near me, or any Heath bar in the house…so pretty sure it was just a nightmare.

The scale is NOT going to define me. So I gained a pound. Fluctuations are a part of the process. I feel great. I got two really good walks in this week, which was insane with work functions etc. I’m ok with where I am. The program will work.

Surgery is in one month. I would like to lose 11 more pounds by then. If I were able to lose 2 pounds a week that is 8 pounds….which is doable.

I must keep going!


2 thoughts on “It’s one step at a time. And it’s NOT a setback!

  1. I love your positive attitude and your honesty. The journey is amazing and the value you gain from each lesson learned is multiplied when you share it. I am cheering for you.


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