In between sizes

I have been basically wearing two pairs of jeans during the ‘heavy phase’ I’m currently in. (Working to get out of.) They are both feeling loose. One pair looks like I took a dump in them. The butt is completely baggy. My 3x exercise pants are so baggy that as I was taking my walk around the neighborhood over the weekend, I had to keep pulling them up. Both great things. But I hate when you are in that in between area. Like clothes are loose, but you aren’t quite able to get into the next size under. I can get into them, but if a button popped off people would be injured.

I was going thru the ‘other wardrobe’ I’ve got stashed for when I start to really lose weight. I have a bunch of jeans that I bought on Ebay from Lane Bryant that I never fit into. So they are waiting for me. I have already blogged about the Old Navy dress pants waiting for me in a size 18. I’m tired of my fat clothes. But I don’t want to buy anything new yet until the sizes are smaller.

I don’t like using that word fat but when I am talking about clothes, it seems to work. I have sweaters that I can’t wait to get out. Maybe if I lose enough some of my cute shoes will fit again! Although I have heard your feet never really go back after you have a kid, so that may be a pipe dream.

Since I am no longer rewarding myself with food, I made an appointment to have my hair colored and eyes brows/lip waxed. To feel pretty. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m not happy with my weight, I let other things slip as well. Like the grays creeping in my hair. The caterpillar like eyebrows. You know what I am saying, right? I can’t be alone in this!

So once you see your body changing, you start to want to change other things. Evidently changing things around the house was something that came out of the weight changes as my hubby has a to do list that is driving him nuts. But he is trying to work with me.

As everyone else is getting excited for the holidays, I’m getting excited for the surgery! I mean this year the holidays are going to be completely different for me. No Black Friday shopping because I will still be recovering from surgery. I had to promise the doctor on that one. But no Christmas cookies. No egg nog. Oh, crap…I just realized that means no egg nog shakes from McDonalds.  My favorite shake of all time!

Oh well. If I put money aside every time I want an egg nog shake I’ll be able to buy some new boots!


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