Well sometimes the little things trip you up.

I knew yesterday was going to be a challenge. I got a call from my doctor’s office requesting to move my surgery date. Only by two days, but it still was a lot of juggling on my part to get things approved with my boss, my parents who are coming to help, and my hubby’s schedule. So I got stressed. The great thing is that a new friend I met thru Profile helped me thru a good deal of it.

I had to leave my house at an insane hour yesterday to have my car worked on. Which meant I couldn’t bring my frozen veggies with me for lunch. So as I was stressed, and lunch was coming my way, I could just feel the idea of bad food creeping in, because it would be easy. Right then Terri private messaged me thru Facebook to see how I was doing today. I felt like it came at the right time. So instead of ordering Chinese food, I order from a burrito place that delivers. Wait…I ordered as best I could. I did a salad of Romaine, no rice and no beans. I had them put double grilled veggies on it (which may have been cooked with oil) cilantro, black olives, a little sprinkle of cheese, and chipotle salsa. It was wonderful, and about as healthy as I could do.

So I worked thru the stress of the date change for surgery. Then I tackled getting Halloween candy at Sam’s Club. I had my six year old with me, and we decided to get boxes of animal crackers and  some packaged peanut butter and cracker things to hand out. NO CHOCOLATE. We did decide to get a rotisserie chicken for supper. I don’t know how healthy it is but it worked as my daughter loves it. So I de-boned it and had some without skin. I threw a little on some lettuce and made a salad. And I did a big serving of veggies too.

Does anyone know how bad rotisserie chicken is when you are trying to eat healthy? I need to do a little research into that. Anyhow…I got late night munchies too. Just to add to the complicated day I had. So I had a few spoonfuls of my amazing pudding I made for a potluck. I need to get that out of my fridge. But all in all, I dealt with things.

Now today is a one day sale thing here at work, which means they bring in free breakfast, pastries and pizza for the staff. I will have to avoid the break room at all costs. And then of course we just HAVE to have a potluck for Halloween on Friday.

But so far today I’m doing good. I swore I wasn’t getting on the scale until Saturday, but after the pudding last night I had to just check and see this morning. I’m down. Like a pound. I’ll take it.


One thought on “Well sometimes the little things trip you up.

  1. Rotisserie chicken is OK, but a lot of time there is a lot of oil and butter which increases the calorie count. Check the ingredient list or ask how its prepared. And avoid eating the skin!
    Great job on the healthiest burrito and healthier Halloween options!


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