Feeling determined today

It’s been going good. I wasn’t going to step on the scale today, but I couldn’t help it. I wanted it to tell me ‘you’re doing good girl’. So I stepped on it. 2 more pounds down for a total of like 17. But I’ve lost something like 3% body fat. And my hydration levels are up.

Yesterday there was a lot of free food at work. Late in the day one of the sale managers was talking to me. She apologized for all the food and said ‘I bet you are ready to kill me!’ I answered her truthfully. I said nope. I have to learn to be around food. And I didn’t cheat at all yesterday. I stayed on plan. I appreciate her concern, and loved that she thought about me. But I can’t be angry or resentful for the things other people are eating. It’s not their job to keep food away from me! It’s my job to be responsible for what I put into my body. Does it prove to be challenging at times? Absolutely! But it’s my challenge. She knows I’m doing the Profile plan and have my Sleeve surgery coming up. It was nice to have her voice her regret in having food around me, but I could tell my explanation made her feel better.

Tomorrow is the Halloween potluck. So how will I handle that? I sent an email to the organizer and said I will not be bringing anything as I will only be eating the food that I bring for my own lunch. I will be ok. I will have my shake or soup with plenty of veggies. I will have fun with everyone etc, but I will not stray from my path. I plan to bring some Walden dressing to enjoy as a dip for my raw veggies.

Now my goal is to get exercise in. It’s been another hectic week at work and with different appointments. But I got to get my butt moving!

Anyhow…I feel great. I like that.


One thought on “Feeling determined today

  1. I love love LOVE your answer to her! I would have said “Hell yes! Thanks a lot for making this so hard” What a GREAT way to think about it and it is so true!

    Thanks for letting me into your life and thoughts a little bit. You inspire me and make me do good things and make good decisions! Way to go girl. We got this!! 🙂


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