Halloween candy and a potluck

In Des Moines, they have something called Beggar’s Night. Which is basically trick or treating the night BEFORE Halloween. I have no idea why. But that is what they do here. So last night was the big night for us. My six year old had a bucket full of candy. And we went thru it all to make sure it was safe. The only thing that about brought me to my knees, was the Heath Toffee Bars. My weakness. But I’m proud to say I didn’t have any.

And since I didn’t get any exercise this week as work was just plain crazy, I took her trick or treating last night so I could walk. I had my Fitbit on, and hoofed it around a block. I did part, then my husband took over and did the next block. So I could  hand out candy. Well not candy exactly. I bought packets of peanut butter crackers, and small bags of animal crackers. I knew this would help me stay true to Profile.

So the challenge today is work. Everyone brought in their leftover candy. Which normally I would have eaten like 10-12 mini candy bars by now. Haven’t had a one. And that part isn’t too difficult. But the smells coming from the break room might kill me. We have a potluck today. And every potluck, there is a guy who brings an amazing spiral baked ham. We snack on it all day until the potluck starts. I had a sliver this morning. That’s all. So I feel like that is pretty good. I bypassed cookies and cakes. Bacon wrapped smokies. Bacon wrapped tater tots. I’ve had none of it. I brought some steamed veggies and my little baggie filled with shakes, chews and bars from Profile.

I’ll be ok today. I can tell. I might have a bite of some type of protein. But I’ll be ok. If I can stand strong against a bucket of chocolate, then really, I’m doing good! I wish I could post something so you could just smell the office right now. Like a scratch and sniff post. LOL

How are you handling Halloween?

I did have a coworker mention to me that she was wondering how I was going to be able to handle these things after surgery. I’m not an idiot. I’m preparing myself. Surgery is not going to be an instant fix. It will be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But I want to look at it like this, the Profile Program has really been a training ground for me. It’s already got me taking in less calories and more water. It is already changing my taste buds for what I crave etc. So I’m already doing things now, that I will HAVE to do after surgery. I appreciate her concern. But I was sort of put out like she was assuming I hadn’t thought it through. Dealing with holiday foods, treats, candy, potlucks etc will be the new normal for me. I have to take it day by day. If I have to break it down to just taking it meal by meal, then I will do that too.

I’m doing good. Give me a pat on the back for that. I’m making big changes. Either get on the train or get out of my way.

I’ve read some interesting things about how people lose friends when they lose weight. I get it. I can see it happening with people around me. I won’t be the fat one in the group anymore if I start taking care of myself. Which means someone has to take that role. There are people that may be my friends now, that won’t support the change I plan to make. It’s sad. But it might be true. This is for me. Not for anyone else. If you can’t be in my corner it’s ok. But you won’t stop me.


One thought on “Halloween candy and a potluck

  1. You go girl! You are so right, this is your life, your journey and your choices and you are choosing well. I’m giving you a standing ovation for valuing you.


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