I’m home!

Had surgery at 9am Monday morning. When they got me in the surgery room, I remember it was really comfortable. Like sleeping on a pillow. Not the case when I awoke in recovery. I was miserable and tired. They found a hernia while in there, so that was repaired too. I got to a room around 2pm. The most painful thing for me was the trapped gas. It was super painful! So lots of pain meds. But I did get to walking a lot. Blew in my spirometer.

But had issues with blood pressure. At one point I was 163/102. Finally have that more in control. But it was borderline on keeping me in the hospital one more night.  So nice to be home to pee without needing to unhook a ton of wires.

So I’m home. Having isopure and water. Not hungry. Sleepy still. But a lot of gas still. I don’t feel as bad as I thought. My throat has healed from the tube.

I really think I did something great for me!


Almost time

I’m at the hospital waiting for surgery. I’ve got an IV in, ready to roll. So tired though. Got an hour and a half to go.


Today and tomorrow I’m on liquid diet. I go in at 6:45 am on Monday, with surgery at 8:40. So protein shakes today, sugar free pudding, jello, Popsicles. I’m not nervous. I’m just really tired.had a long couple of day with work and looking forward to relaxing.

One goal down, many more to go!

Yesterday was my final weigh in day with measurements at Profile. Well, actual weigh in was this morning, naked, at home. I lost my 25 pounds that I had set out to lose before surgery. Can I shout that out loud? I LOST 25 POUNDS IN 5 WEEKS!

The whole measurement thing is still sinking in. I lost 20.25 inches. I lost 7 in my waist alone! That’s huge. Massive results! I have a coworker who tells me he can see it. I can feel it. Not sure if I believe anyone else can tell though.

I can’t say enough about the Profile system. It really worked for me. Once you commit to it, and get in, it’s easy. I have another coworker doing it with great results too. And they have a Black Friday deal that is amazing! I keep telling everyone about it.

I work for a radio station and today I blogged about my use of Profile, and my upcoming surgery on Monday. I knew at some point I would have to let people know how I achieved the changes I did. I am not ashamed I am having surgery. My only hope is that if people can’t be supportive, that they can refrain from being negative. But you know how that goes.

As I’ve said from the beginning, this is not about wearing a certain size, or a certain number on a scale. It is about me being able to be healthy and active. But I not gonna sit here and lie…I love watching the numbers on the scale go down. One day at a time, and one step at a time.

I’ve had several people ask me if I am still going thru with the surgery, since I’ve lost 25 pounds in 5 weeks on Profile. Yes. I am. My doctor and I have discussed it extensively. The surgery is NOT an easy way out. But it is a lifestyle change that not only do I need, but I want. What Profile did for me, was nothing short of amazing. It helped train me to eat differently, and really got me drinking the correct amount of water. It helped me stop soda and booze completely to get ready for surgery. It helped me make changes that are going to need to be in place post surgery.

I am not saying I couldn’t get where I want to be with Profile alone. But I need to do what is right for me and I’ve done the research on Sleeve surgery. I need to do this. It’s my health that is on the line and I don’t want to gamble with that. So yes, I’m moving forward with surgery. And once I am off my liquid and pureed food, I very well may find my way back to Profile to continue where I left off.

It’s a marathon. Not a sprint. Which is good because my butt is in no shape to run. Yet. But I will get there.

I had my pre opp physical last week and my doctor looked at my calves and said ‘wouldn’t it be great to get this down to a normal size’? Hell yes it would! For years I retained fluid in my legs with no answers as to why. About 8 years ago I went to the John Stoddard Cancer Center here in Des Moines and worked with someone who believes I just have a crappy lymphatic system. It doesn’t drain fluid like it should. For about a month we wrapped my legs with compression bandages to get the fluid out. And that helped some. But the fact remains that my lymphatic system is crap. Losing weight can only help it. But it has been a catch 22. You have issues working out because of the pain in your legs, but you can’t get rid of the fluid and pain unless you work out. CATCH 22.

So this has been the battle for several years. I did great working out at a place called Kosama a few years ago. I saw great changes. Until I pulled a hip flexor and derailed my workouts. So change is needed. It is good. And I am ready.

Now for a little song that had me giggling last night. I forgot about this gem, but love it.

By this time next week….

…I will be in recovery from my Gastric Sleeve surgery! I am so ready.

So Friday night I wanted to say goodbye to pizza. So I had a few slices with supper. When I had sushi a week ago, that was a really satisfying, no regret cheat. The pizza didn’t do what I wanted. It wasn’t fabulous. It didn’t hit the spot. But I’m glad I had it and now can store that memory away. In the past when I caved I would have followed it up with ‘let’s get Dairy Queen Blizzards now!’ But I didn’t this time. I made some hot tea and called it a night.

The rest of my weekend went ok. The only thing I did off of my plan on Saturday and Sunday was having an extra coffee. It was needed. But better than a Big Mac in the long run. I used my Almond Milk and sugar free syrup when I made them. So not as bad as like a Venti Starbucks latte etc. Although this time of year that Ho Ho Mint Mocha at Caribou looks wonderful. But I know how fattening it is. Not worth it. I am wondering how my tolerance to coffee will change after surgery. I usually make my own morning latte. I wonder if it will make me sick after I have the procedure?

Saturday morning I move to clear liquids. That will be an adjustment. I’m ready. I got this.

Oh, and I am wearing jeans that I bought and had never been able to wear. (They were too tight) They aren’t loose, but they don’t have a death grip on my thighs or waist…so winning!

Not sure where I am with weight as there seems to be an issue with the Profile Scale. It had me with an 11 pound loss this morning. I got really weird readings the several times I tried it. Talked to my coaches and they said they have had reports of similiar things so they think it is an IT issue. I was so optimistic!

Just over a week!

My surgery is scheduled for just over a week now. Like a week and a half. Wow. Time has flown by.

I’m worried about losing my hair. I’m worried it won’t work. I’m anxious that it will. I’m excited that I might get off medicine. I’m hopeful I will get rid of the sleep apnea. I can only imagine not taking all the medicine that I do now, because my blood pressure and thyroid has been resolved.

I had my pre op physical yesterday. My doctor looked at my ankles/calves, that are huge because they retain fluids, and she said ‘wouldn’t it be great if this got resolved?’ She is so excited for me. She knows this is the best thing for me. I know it is as well. I’m ready.

I asked my six year old if she was nervous for me to have surgery. She said no, it’s just part of your diet right? I explained that they will cut me open for surgery. Then she said ‘well NOW I’m nervous.’ But she is ready to help mom get better.

I went to the eye dr yesterday and ended up talking to one of the assistants there about the surgery. She said her dad was going to do it but gave up when they wanted him to do 6 months of supervised diet. Well, that’s what the insurance companies want. They want to know you are committed to a huge change. If you can’t do six months, how can you do the rest of your life? If you think this is a quick fix, this isn’t for you. If you think the hardest part is the surgery, this isn’t for you.

It’s a huge change. A massive commitment. I’ve researched. I’ve read books. I’ve joined web groups. I’ve followed blogs. I’ve been making myself drink 64-80 ounces of water a day for over a month. I haven’t had pop or booze in like 2 months. I’ve already changed the way I’m viewing food. I’m already prepping myself for moving more and eating less.

I am mentally prepared for this. Now let’s tackle the physical part. I’m going all in.

Sushi and pain

So last Friday night we had a little work get together at an arcade, then I planned to have sushi for dinner as my cheat meal. I am doing Profile and things are working nicely, but today I am officially 2 weeks away from surgery. So I said goodbye to sushi. I had one mixed drink that was too sweet to finish.

I couldn’t eat the amount of sushi I normally do. Now I admit I did have cheesecake dessert too. If I am saying goodbye I might as well say goodbye to all my fattening friends, right? It was happy hour so the sushi rolls were $4 for 4 pieces. Normally, I can do 4 of these rolls. Which is like 2 sushi rolls. I got two down. I went for the third and felt like my stomach was going to explode. So I had one piece and gave it away. I was stuffed. My stomach has shrunk.

So I was done with my dinner really early and headed home. The next day I had an event at a Wine, Food and Beer expo. And I did sample the equivalent of one glass of wine. I haven’t had booze in like 2 months really, so it was enough to make me feel like I need some food.

But I’m ok. I did ok. Then Sunday I worked for 3-4 hours in the yard. We shoveled and raked leaves. We bagged 12 bags of leaves. My six year old and I rocked it. And right now my back is aching and I can’t lift my arms up over my head.

But I had to have burned some calories. And that is all that matters.

So I did great on Profile yesterday, and great again today. I’m back on track.

I was reading another blog and saw that the blogger is having gastric surgery in the same time frame I am. She is already on liquid diet. I am supposed to do 1200 calories for the two weeks out, which I am, then two days before surgery I move to all liquids. What has everyone else had to do?