Sushi and pain

So last Friday night we had a little work get together at an arcade, then I planned to have sushi for dinner as my cheat meal. I am doing Profile and things are working nicely, but today I am officially 2 weeks away from surgery. So I said goodbye to sushi. I had one mixed drink that was too sweet to finish.

I couldn’t eat the amount of sushi I normally do. Now I admit I did have cheesecake dessert too. If I am saying goodbye I might as well say goodbye to all my fattening friends, right? It was happy hour so the sushi rolls were $4 for 4 pieces. Normally, I can do 4 of these rolls. Which is like 2 sushi rolls. I got two down. I went for the third and felt like my stomach was going to explode. So I had one piece and gave it away. I was stuffed. My stomach has shrunk.

So I was done with my dinner really early and headed home. The next day I had an event at a Wine, Food and Beer expo. And I did sample the equivalent of one glass of wine. I haven’t had booze in like 2 months really, so it was enough to make me feel like I need some food.

But I’m ok. I did ok. Then Sunday I worked for 3-4 hours in the yard. We shoveled and raked leaves. We bagged 12 bags of leaves. My six year old and I rocked it. And right now my back is aching and I can’t lift my arms up over my head.

But I had to have burned some calories. And that is all that matters.

So I did great on Profile yesterday, and great again today. I’m back on track.

I was reading another blog and saw that the blogger is having gastric surgery in the same time frame I am. She is already on liquid diet. I am supposed to do 1200 calories for the two weeks out, which I am, then two days before surgery I move to all liquids. What has everyone else had to do?


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