By this time next week….

…I will be in recovery from my Gastric Sleeve surgery! I am so ready.

So Friday night I wanted to say goodbye to pizza. So I had a few slices with supper. When I had sushi a week ago, that was a really satisfying, no regret cheat. The pizza didn’t do what I wanted. It wasn’t fabulous. It didn’t hit the spot. But I’m glad I had it and now can store that memory away. In the past when I caved I would have followed it up with ‘let’s get Dairy Queen Blizzards now!’ But I didn’t this time. I made some hot tea and called it a night.

The rest of my weekend went ok. The only thing I did off of my plan on Saturday and Sunday was having an extra coffee. It was needed. But better than a Big Mac in the long run. I used my Almond Milk and sugar free syrup when I made them. So not as bad as like a Venti Starbucks latte etc. Although this time of year that Ho Ho Mint Mocha at Caribou looks wonderful. But I know how fattening it is. Not worth it. I am wondering how my tolerance to coffee will change after surgery. I usually make my own morning latte. I wonder if it will make me sick after I have the procedure?

Saturday morning I move to clear liquids. That will be an adjustment. I’m ready. I got this.

Oh, and I am wearing jeans that I bought and had never been able to wear. (They were too tight) They aren’t loose, but they don’t have a death grip on my thighs or waist…so winning!

Not sure where I am with weight as there seems to be an issue with the Profile Scale. It had me with an 11 pound loss this morning. I got really weird readings the several times I tried it. Talked to my coaches and they said they have had reports of similiar things so they think it is an IT issue. I was so optimistic!


9 thoughts on “By this time next week….

  1. After my surgery, I avoided coffee for a while and when I finally felt it was okay to reintroduce into my diet, I didn’t find it as satisfying as it was before. I can’t explain why, but something about the routine of coffee and holding a warm mug or that little green straw from Starbucks didn’t carry the same weight as it used to for my psyche. Honestly? I’m not worried about not being able to drink it. Sometimes I splurge on a drink from Starbucks, but for the most part, I don’t miss it.


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