I’m home!

Had surgery at 9am Monday morning. When they got me in the surgery room, I remember it was really comfortable. Like sleeping on a pillow. Not the case when I awoke in recovery. I was miserable and tired. They found a hernia while in there, so that was repaired too. I got to a room around 2pm. The most painful thing for me was the trapped gas. It was super painful! So lots of pain meds. But I did get to walking a lot. Blew in my spirometer.

But had issues with blood pressure. At one point I was 163/102. Finally have that more in control. But it was borderline on keeping me in the hospital one more night.  So nice to be home to pee without needing to unhook a ton of wires.

So I’m home. Having isopure and water. Not hungry. Sleepy still. But a lot of gas still. I don’t feel as bad as I thought. My throat has healed from the tube.

I really think I did something great for me!


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