I did exercise!

I did force my butt up and out to the gym. I walked leisurely on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Moved to the floor for some crunches, then the bike for 15 minutes. I did amp up my heart rate on the bike.

Support group is Saturday so I lined up a sitter. The focus is exercise, which I was looking forward to. But I got an email today letting me know the focus is yoga. Yoga is hard for larger people. I would prefer to stay home with my ‘plus size yoga DVD’ but I’m going. Before group they are doing exercises with bands, so I want to check that out. If I like it, I might get some bands for home.

I’m really tired of my sugary sweet protein shakes, but I can get 30 grams of protein with only 6 oz of water. I sampled a vanilla flavor from Celebrations. Not a fan, but I loved the protein snacks I bought from there. I can’t do a whole bag, which is one serving, but I like the taste.

Anyhow, hope everyone is well and ready for 2015!


Trying some new foods

It’s time to try some new foods. Last night I ate 1/3 of a very lean hamburger patty, no bun no ketchup. I spread a little laughing cow on it and some avocado. It didn’t digest the easiest and I felt very uncomfortable afterwards.

My guide book suggests using instant oatmeal as a breakfast option. I found something called Better Oats Oatfit in Apple Cinnamon flavor. It’s only 100 calories a pouch and very tasty. Of course I could only finish half a pouch. But it sat well with me. For lunch I took a weight watchers jalepeno cheese string cheese, and wrapped it in lean chicken breast deli meat. I only ate half of it. But I’m full and trying new things. I’m hoping that adding some new things will get my body up and running better and I’ll lose more weight. I’m only down 30 since surgery, and I’m in week 5.

Another goal for this week is exercise. I’ve been really slacking since I was so backed up last week. That really took a lot out of me. But exercise will help and I need to do it NOW. First six months are the best shot for me to do what I need to do.

I got this.

I ordered some protein snacks from Celebration. I had seen another blogger write about their products. I asked for a sample of their cake protein shake too. I am a work in progress, and I can’t wait to see where my journey takes me.

Roadblock and Xmas dinner

So this is going to be a little graphic, but hang in there.

Last week I was feeling great! On Monday I started feeling out of sorts. I could tell I need to poo and started doing the stool softener. I called the nurse Tuesday morning and we looked at my journal to realize I hadn’t had a bowel movement since Wed of the previous week. So she wanted me to take the stool softeners, the benefiber and add in laxatives. By Tuesday night the nurse called me and nothing had happened. I was getting stomach cramps. They wanted me to stop laxatives and do Milk of Magnsia. Tuesday night I was in so much pain I would just cry on the toilet.

Basically, everything was ready to move, but I had a big ole boulder that would not soften that had to push it’s way thru first. And I could tell it was going to be more pain than I could handle. The softener could get to everything else, but not that boulder. It got to the point where my body would start to spasm and push stuff out, and I would start to shake and begin to throw up. Now they are concerned with blockage.

Wednesday morning was the worst. At this point I didn’t eat much at all Tuesday, and was way behind on Protein and water. But nothing was going in until stuff could come out! After many uncomfortable hours on the toilet with firey liquid coming out I was ready to call it quits. I had soiled everything around me. The term explosive diarrhea is one I would use. When the boulder finally came out, it pretty much ripped my apart. There was a lot of blood and too much pain to imagine.

I refuse to let my body go thru this again. Wednesday they just wanted me to get water in. My body had been thru so much, they told me to NOT go to work and rest. I was put back on my spasm/nauseau medicine from surgery. This was Christmas Eve. I had to call my boss on Christmas Eve and explain I couldn’t physically leave my house. My body would shake anytime I was standing up. It was awful.

I just didn’t realize I had gone that long without a bowel movement!! Had I paid closer attention, I would have started the constipation program much earlier. So I will not let this happen again. It was awful.

I did manage to get  a little food in my on Christmas. I took come pictures of my dinner. Served on a small plate, you will see the crayon to show the size of my piece of ham.

xmas dinner 1xmas dinner 2xmas dinner 3

And the last photo is what I had left. Protein first!  Needless to say it has been a rough couple of days, but there hasn’t been temptations for sweets! LOL

I get to move to soft foods!!

Now comes the scary part to me….transitioning to actual food. Today I can have soft foods that don’t require a knife to cut. So tonight I am making lasagna for a mommy blog I have to write. I won’t be eating the pasta, just the meat/cheese part. So I’m anxious to see how this goes.

I lost 20 pounds the first two weeks. I lost 5 the last two weeks. But I know I need to be at the gym to help the weight loss. I gave myself last week off to deal with the muscle tear. That feels so much better now so I’m ready.

I was really wanting coffee yesterday. I miss my 4 shots of espresso, nonfat milk with sugarfree vanilla and fat free whip. But I went to Starbucks and got a tall decaf, nonfat vanilla latte. Two sips. That is all I could do before I threw it away. It was way too bitter!! So my coffee addiction maybe over. I haven’t had it for 6 weeks, so I guess that’s something.

I am not sleeping the best so I am going to go back on Ambien. My doctor said post surgery I couldn’t do the Ambien CR anymore, and better just do the old fashioned Ambien. Whatever. I just want to sleep.

I am wearing a station fleece I bought pre surgery, that is now baggy on me. I’m ok with that. I am shedding a lot of hair. But I got a ton of hair so that isn’t a huge deal. Clothes fit better. I feel better. It’s a good place to be.

People can’t believe that I haven’t had a Christmas cookie or treat. They don’t get that the thought of sugar really makes my stomach turn.  And in my life I’ve eaten my share of cookies. And probably the next person’s too. I get a lot of ‘it must suck to not get the Christmas goodies’ or ‘what an awful time of year to go thru gastric sleeve!’ Um…no. Those goodies got me here. I have so much pride when I walk past a bowl of Christmas chocolates and don’t even have one. Last year those Dove chocolates where my kryptonite! I couldn’t get enough!! This year is different.

I’m nervous about eating and food getting stuck. I’m not taking huge amounts obviously, still my 2 oz, three times a day. But it’s time to take the next step. I should be able to do a meatball and three green beans. That is the example the nutritionist gave me.

And my family has been so incredible!! My daughter is constantly asking me ‘have you had enough?’ As soon as I have I give her my dish/bowl to get it out of my way. I don’t want the temptation to keep eating out of habit. So she takes it away or finishes it for me. (She’s six and really a garbage disposal) And super skinny. She gets why I’m making the changes. Sometimes I’ll say ‘Oh I wish I could have…..’ and she stops me and says ‘well, you can’t so move on.’ LOL

How is everyone else doing?

Love your comments!

I have been getting so much help from others that are following my blog, and leaving comments! Thank you so much!

I am looking for some protein options. I saw that Tracy mention a product called Celebrate ENS cake batter protein shakes. I looked it up, and contacted the company to see if they would do samples to try, before I buy. I had never heard of this company! But they have several things I would like to try!

I have tried two Muscle Milks, and could barely get thru them. Found out from someone who works at a nutrition shop that they are loaded with fillers, to make you feel really full. Too full in my opinion. I am noticing I am pretty sick of sugary sweet tastes in my protein shakes.

I am drinking my last Isopure. They have worked well, but very sweet and expensive at $4.99 a bottle. I have some Intek Evolution Protein Shakes in Blue Ice and Red Ice that I will finish up. Those were expensive containers that I got for free when I did an endorsement for a nutrition shop.

I did get on the scale this morning for some stupid reason. I’m down 24 pounds since surgery. Only 4 in the last two weeks. But I know it is working. As per my doctor, I am doing 3 meals of 2 oz of pureed stuff a day. I had cottage cheese for breakfast. Having tomato soup for lunch. Next week I can go to soft foods that don’t require a knife to cut them. That freaks me out a little. That transition to real food will be weird. And scary. But she said I’ll still be getting most of my protein from the shakes for some time.

I did look at getting some Protein snakes from that Celebration website. Anyone try those? Advice?

The new normal

So I pulled a muscle in my abdominal area, about two inches under my incision. Sharp knife like pains. The drs think it is a pull. OUCH!

Can everyone weigh in here about weight loss for weeks 3-4? First 2 weeks I was down 20 lbs. Week 3 I’m down 2. 2 freakin pounds. I feel stalled. And I’m following directions to a T! Getting my water and protein. Eating 2 oz of pureed food 3 times a day. I just was surprised that I’m not seeing big jumps again.

But having said that, I know you can’t go by the scale. A friend said to me today that I look like I’m melting away again. Then another coworker asked where my butt went. And I’m wearing jeans that I haven’t been in for 2-3 years at least!

So even if the scale doesn’t move, it’s still working, right?

Now to heal this muscle pull so I can get back to working out.

Need a little help here!

So I got the go ahead to move to pureed foods. Last night for supper I made a scrambled egg, with a sprinkle of cheese, and some salsa.

plate2 plate1

I could only finish about half of it. I have a friend from high school that has been thru the whole process 7 years ago, and she is helping me along. She said this is a normal amount. After I ate I had pain in my right side. Like a ran a marathon and had a side ache. (Someday the marathon, not yet)

I got online and saw that many people have had similiar things happen once they move to pureed or soft food. My friend thought it was my intestines getting used food again. Anyone know? It doesn’t hurt as bad today, but I can feel it a little. Like my body is confused.

I attempted to do some yogurt for breakfast but the taste was just awful. So I tried some cottage cheese…and the same thing. My taste buds seemed to have changed and I no longer like those two things right now.

I have about 2 oz of apple sauce that I’m waiting to eat for lunch in a little bit. The dr said I will still be getting the majority of my nutrients from protein shakes. I’m ok with it. But as the nutritionist and I went over the next month of changes, I started to freak out a little. I will be so scared to go to real food.

I’ll deal with that later. Not yet. But still. Freaking out!