People are already commenting…

I’m a little worried I’m losing too much too quickly. Although I am not going to lie and say it sucks seeing the scale move so much. But 17 pounds in 9 days is a lot. I am getting all my water in. And all my protein. But I can only do a few sips of soup here and there. Or maybe a half of a diet pudding. I have no appetite and really full.

People are already commenting on the changes. I can totally tell. Jackets that were tight are very very loose. Pants totally fit better. I’m back at work but only working 3 hours a day. I work at a radio station, so it is not a labor intensive job at all. But at the end of that 3 hours I’m toast. I’m expending more calories than I’m taking in. So I nap right away. Try to relax.

Since I am working, I am moving. Lots of walking being done. Today I felt really run down. Moving slower. A few people have commented that I seem a little sick. I hope I’m not getting sick. My husband is really sick at the moment so I’m trying to stay away.

But I am really doing well over all. I think. I’m getting used to the new routinue.


One thought on “People are already commenting…

  1. Don’t worry about losing too much too fast. Keep on the prescribed diet and let your body settle a little. You’re going to lose a lot of water weight and a lot of ‘puffiness’ is what I noticed in the first month out. Only after that did my shape start to change more significantly. I stalled for about two weeks after losing the first 20 lbs as my body settled into what was happening.

    It might be scary, but it’s good! You’ll be okay and things will begin to feel easier to deal with. Rest if you need it and I hope you don’t get sick, too!


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