It’s been two weeks!

According to my home scale, I’m 20 pounds down. Then add in the 25 I lost on Profile before surgery and that brings it to 45 pounds. I did have a check up at my regular dr office today and according to their scale, I’m down 36 from November 12. So I’m not really sure where I am.

I do know that I feel good for the most part. We had our big station Christmas Show last night with Neon Trees and O.A.R.. My station cardigan is starting to hang on me.

neon trees

I was feeling pretty run down by the end of the night. I may have over did it to be honest.

The one thing that is driving me nuts is my breath. You know when your body goes into ketosis, and you have that stank breath? I did not want to make the bands pass out last night, so I emailed the dietician to see what I could do. She said I need some carbs and made me drink some apple juice. She ok’d for me to use gum or breath mints. For some reason I thought this was a no no? Anyone?

I have my checkup with my surgeon at 3 today. I’m pretty sure they will move me to pureed food since I haven’t had any troubles. I little constipation, which I am getting used to. And when I do have the movement, it isn’t really normal. Green today. I know it’s a visual, but I’m trying to figure out the new normal for me. At the moment it seems to be jeans that have a huge baggy butt and bra straps falling off my shoulders. Which I’m totally cool with!

Wish me luck this afternoon!


One thought on “It’s been two weeks!

  1. My bad breath cleared with adding carbs. I added a little fruit to my shake, apple sauce, and Greek yogurt. It should get better with some food other than shakes. You’re doing so well.


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