Need a little help here!

So I got the go ahead to move to pureed foods. Last night for supper I made a scrambled egg, with a sprinkle of cheese, and some salsa.

plate2 plate1

I could only finish about half of it. I have a friend from high school that has been thru the whole process 7 years ago, and she is helping me along. She said this is a normal amount. After I ate I had pain in my right side. Like a ran a marathon and had a side ache. (Someday the marathon, not yet)

I got online and saw that many people have had similiar things happen once they move to pureed or soft food. My friend thought it was my intestines getting used food again. Anyone know? It doesn’t hurt as bad today, but I can feel it a little. Like my body is confused.

I attempted to do some yogurt for breakfast but the taste was just awful. So I tried some cottage cheese…and the same thing. My taste buds seemed to have changed and I no longer like those two things right now.

I have about 2 oz of apple sauce that I’m waiting to eat for lunch in a little bit. The dr said I will still be getting the majority of my nutrients from protein shakes. I’m ok with it. But as the nutritionist and I went over the next month of changes, I started to freak out a little. I will be so scared to go to real food.

I’ll deal with that later. Not yet. But still. Freaking out!


2 thoughts on “Need a little help here!

  1. I always had trouble with scrambled eggs with my band. They are sticky. You shouldn’t have pain when you eat. Full yes but not pain. Try something wet and not sticky like the apple sauce. That shouldn’t hurt. I’ve been eating soupy stuff like Trader Joes turkey Bolognese without pasta. About 1/2 cup is all that I can eat. I haven’t had any pain. Call your surgeon if the pain continues.


  2. When I first started pureed foods, I found that I had a pain as if things were ‘stuck’ after a few bites. The pain didn’t linger much, but sometimes it seemed that something sat heavier with me than they did before. If the pain becomes excruciating and it’s letting up, then you may want to talk to your doctor. Until then, it sounds like it may be your body readjusting to food and trying to figure out what to do with it.

    As for things tasting different, oh man did that happen to me! Suddenly things I thought I craved, I couldn’t tolerate at all. After the two week diet before hand and then two weeks of protein shakes, nothing tasted the same, and some things still don’t taste right. My taste buds and cravings have changed a lot and I’ve found that, I’m okay with it.

    Keep it up!


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