The new normal

So I pulled a muscle in my abdominal area, about two inches under my incision. Sharp knife like pains. The drs think it is a pull. OUCH!

Can everyone weigh in here about weight loss for weeks 3-4? First 2 weeks I was down 20 lbs. Week 3 I’m down 2. 2 freakin pounds. I feel stalled. And I’m following directions to a T! Getting my water and protein. Eating 2 oz of pureed food 3 times a day. I just was surprised that I’m not seeing big jumps again.

But having said that, I know you can’t go by the scale. A friend said to me today that I look like I’m melting away again. Then another coworker asked where my butt went. And I’m wearing jeans that I haven’t been in for 2-3 years at least!

So even if the scale doesn’t move, it’s still working, right?

Now to heal this muscle pull so I can get back to working out.


4 thoughts on “The new normal

  1. I’m so sorry for the injury and pain! That’s awful!

    I stalled a week after the surgery. I was down about 24 lbs and then stopped dead cold for TWO WEEKS. I was following the directions, I was sure I wasn’t messing it up, but somehow, it felt like I was. And then? I dropped 5 lbs out of nowhere. Your body is settling into it’s new normal. And, the good news in all this? You can lose inches without losing numbers on the scale.

    You’re doing great!! Good luck healing.


  2. Thank you!! How much exercise were you doing? I did two days of walking and bike, for a total of 15 minutes of exercise each day. The nurse told me to hold off on exerting myself right now until this heals. It was from getting up off the couch! Not like a big workout, or taking out the trash…from getting up! Boo!!


  3. I just posted my lose and I only lost 1 pound in post op week 4. I’m eating soft, well chewed chicken and a tiny amount of fruit and veggies, one protein shake and yogurt. I’m eating 800-1000 calories so my weight loss did slow down but I feel so much better and will start cycling again next week. The scale is not the most important measure of success. Losing 2 pounds in a week is not a stall it’s a great success. Tracey


    • Tracey, how do I comment on your blog? I bookmarked it so I can make sure I see your posts, but can’t figure out how to post a comment. Anyhow, you are doing more calories than I am. I am still on Pureed food until Monday. I might be getting 500? And most of that is from protein shakes twice a day. The sweetness is starting to get to me too. I have a question about a cake batter protein shake you mentioned? Can you tell me more?? You said ENS, but I don’t know what that is. Thanks!!


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