Love your comments!

I have been getting so much help from others that are following my blog, and leaving comments! Thank you so much!

I am looking for some protein options. I saw that Tracy mention a product called Celebrate ENS cake batter protein shakes. I looked it up, and contacted the company to see if they would do samples to try, before I buy. I had never heard of this company! But they have several things I would like to try!

I have tried two Muscle Milks, and could barely get thru them. Found out from someone who works at a nutrition shop that they are loaded with fillers, to make you feel really full. Too full in my opinion. I am noticing I am pretty sick of sugary sweet tastes in my protein shakes.

I am drinking my last Isopure. They have worked well, but very sweet and expensive at $4.99 a bottle. I have some Intek Evolution Protein Shakes in Blue Ice and Red Ice that I will finish up. Those were expensive containers that I got for free when I did an endorsement for a nutrition shop.

I did get on the scale this morning for some stupid reason. I’m down 24 pounds since surgery. Only 4 in the last two weeks. But I know it is working. As per my doctor, I am doing 3 meals of 2 oz of pureed stuff a day. I had cottage cheese for breakfast. Having tomato soup for lunch. Next week I can go to soft foods that don’t require a knife to cut them. That freaks me out a little. That transition to real food will be weird. And scary. But she said I’ll still be getting most of my protein from the shakes for some time.

I did look at getting some Protein snakes from that Celebration website. Anyone try those? Advice?


One thought on “Love your comments!

  1. It sounds like you’re doing amazing! After two weeks, I stalled for another two weeks and didn’t lose any weight, so don’t let that number on the scale discourage you.

    I haven’t tried the Celebration shakes, myself. I remember that feeling of being absolutely out of my mind exhausted from eating all that sweet flavored drinks. Had a melt down at one point even. I was so frustrated with everything. Either way, keep it up and remember when you get to more solid foods, just take it slow. Not everything will go down as easy as others, but your stomach will heal and it will all get better.

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