Seriously? Again?

So I had another round of the ‘ripping you apart until you want to vomit’ constipation again at NYE. Not to be too graphic, but it feel like my body is creating rocks, then depositing them at the end of my intestines, to act as a plug. The boulder must pretty much rip me apart before I can move anything through. It is beyond painful. And then takes me 2 days to recover. And I already feel another boulder forming.

I contacted the nurse last Friday and she was someone I never spoke to before, and hope to never speak to again. She suggested that I needed to have 23 g of fiber a day in my diet and I should take Fiber One bars. This didn’t seem right to me, so I reached out to the dietician yesterday. She said absolutely NO on the Fiber One Bars as they are processed food I shouldn’t have. (I was right!) She said I’m taking 600-800 calories a day so I should be at like 6 g of fiber a day. Big difference. She suggested backing my protein from 80 down to 40 to see if that will help. So I’m down to one protein shake a day for now. I’ve added in prunes and keeping the stool softeners. She suggested I also try probiotics so I bought a 4 week supply to try. She wants me to back off the Benefiber. (Not sure why?)

Anyone else gone thru something similiar? It’s not really constipation, its more like a rock plugging me up, and the pain is so bad you don’t want it to go thru you. Once it does, you are shredded and in great pain. There is obviously relief, but I almost pass out right away and sleep for hours.

I’m going to attempt to exercise today, although my bowels indicate that could be a big ‘maybe’ and I might be trapped in the bathroom later.


2 thoughts on “Seriously? Again?

  1. Seriously, did the “nurse” know that you’ve had sleeve surgery? I am not your doctor of course but here’s what I would tell my patient. Get a protein shake with fiber added and add berries or cherries and ground flax seed to it. Spread out the fiber through out the day. A little at each meal. Yes, I know fruit has carbs, just try it. Take 3 stool softeners or a big dose of Miralax every day until you are able to eat more fiber in your food. Drink water through out the day. Don’t wait until you feel constipated to take the stool softener. Try a smooth move tea at night too. All of these things are safe. Stool obstruction is a BIG DEAL and is potentially dangerous. Your office doesn’t seem to gasp how bad these episodes are.
    Blah, blah, blah I’m not your doctor and I am just writing general advice randomly on your blog page.


  2. Thanks honey! I called the office yesterday (this was all with a nurse at the weight loss clinic!!) and spoke to the original nurse from Xmas. She spoke to my surgeon and they have me on two stool softener a twice a day, one benefiber twice a day, and mirolax every day. So hoping this helps. I did have a small movement yesterday that was pretty pain free so I am hopeful!


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