Do you have support?

I was reading another blog that I love (BariatricforLife) and a comment was made that someone hadn’t told anyone about their weight loss surgery. I get that. At first I was going to keep everything close to my vest and only tell the people that needed to know. But something changed for me as I started reading different blogs about people sharing their stories with complete strangers. And I started getting active on message boards. I questioned why I wanted to keep it to myself. And I changed my mind.

Something clicked for me and I told my family and friends. Then I started talking openly about it with my coworkers. And I took one step further that I never thought I would take…I wrote about it on my station blog. I work for a radio station and I have my own blog.

You can read that blog HERE. I’ve had listeners email me about how they are thinking of surgery too. I’ve had people leaving messages on the station Facebook page asking how my journey is going. And my coworkers have been amazing. When I start to feel like I’m doing all this work and not seeing the scale move etc, someone comes up and tells me I’m looking incredible. Or they are proud of me. I have to remind myself that the scale isn’t the only way to measure my success. I am seeing changes in my body that are huge! But so are other people. And their support has been amazing. My family has been great. My husband and daughter (who is 6) have been so supportive since the beginning. If I even look longingly at something my daughter reminds me of my goals.

My boss has been great too. I felt the need to explain to him some of my recent issues with elimination, to explain why I had to take a day off work because it was making me so ill. He got it. He was very understanding. I’m counting myself lucky. My parents came to stay the week of my surgery to help out. Friends volunteered to help if I needed.

I was at a support group meeting last month and when I sat down a woman looked at me and said ‘I know who you are! I didn’t know you got surgery!’. Last week I was at a nutrition store to get my protein shake and calcium citrate and there was a woman being helped. She was very nervous and sort of whispering to the guy helping her that she was getting surgery in two weeks. I saw what she was purchasing and overheard some of the conversation. Before I knew it I chimed in with an answer to her question about her taste buds changing and the difference between protein shakes. I told her ‘yes, your tastes will change.’ And I told her there is a huge difference in protein shakes and to avoid the ‘fillers’. I told her a little about my journey. Turns out she is going thru the same center I did, and I told her I would see her at group support that Saturday. I didn’t end up going due to my ‘elimination issues’ that had me stuck in the house all last weekend. But I WILL see her again and be there to help her if she needs it.

I have a friend from high school who has been my support online. She went thru it 8 years ago.

So if anyone is reading this and needs support….count me in. I’ll be there as much as I can. It really helps!

In other news, I have had a rough week with a sick little girl. Started with a cough last Friday and I ended up taking her into the dr Tuesday night. We have a lot of bad influenza that caused several children’s deaths here in Des Moines, so I wanted to be safe. Turns out after a chest xray we found she had a form of pneumonia. So I was up several nights in a row monitoring her breathing. She has been out of school the past few days, which has kind of thrown my eating schedule off. So my goal of exercise this week was delayed as well. Hoping to get to the gym tonight!


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