Woot Woot!! Weigh in day

I lost 3 more pounds. Which is fabulous since my scale hasn’t been moving much at all. I am  35 pounds down since surgery and today is my 7 week out date. I am wearing jeans today that I haven’t worn in 4-6 years. They are a little tight in the waist, but I’m wearing them!

Things have been better for my digestion since I backed off on protein, and started really doing a good plan of benefiber, mirolax and stool softeners. We have something that is working for me! No more rocks in my stool!

I had a sales person come up to me today and say he was very impressed with how I am doing and he couldn’t believe it was me standing there. I was standing with a side profile and he actually did a double take. So that makes me happy.

On Friday night we decided to go out to eat, and ended up at Denny’s. It was my first time dining out since surgery. I whipped out my card from my dr stating that I had surgery and to please allow me to order off the kids or senior menu. No problem! on the senior menu I found Fit bite omelette that was egg whites, swiss cheese, spinach and mushroom. Served with some fresh fruit and an english muffin. I took a nibble of the muffin, ate not even a 1/4th of the omelette and some fruit. I was stuffed. But happy with how I handled the whole experience.

Today I was running behind leaving the house and didn’t grab lunch on my way out. I figured I could have someone run to Taco John’s and grab me a side of refried beans or something. I ended up ordering from a local place called Fighting Burrito. I created a bare burrito which is in a bowl with no tortilla. I had no rice. So I had chicken, black beans, grilled veggies, a little colby jack cheese, cilantro, lettuce and some salsa. According to their nutrition calculator on the website it is around 350 in calories. And I ate less than a fourth. So I made a smart choice and I’m full once again.

Now I need to kick my butt into exercise gear. It was a tough week with my daughter sick last week, and then I just was pooped over the weekend. I did nothing but read in my comfy chair. It was -20 though so I think it was justified.

But no more excuses. Gotta get moving.

How is everyone else doing?


One thought on “Woot Woot!! Weigh in day

  1. Yeah, glad your GI tract is cooperating again. Eating out is such a waste. I’m trying to convince my man to just let me eat 4 bites off of his plate and be done. So romantic too. 🙂
    But then he orders something that I hate, like lamb. Not so romantic. ;-(
    It’s all good. I rarely eat out anyway. Good progress.


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