Today is for me

We have been having issues with our 6 year old in school. She can be a little toad and misbehaves on occasion. So I thought I would use the gym incentive for her to be better behaved. If she had a good day at school, then I would take her to the kids gym, while I worked out upstairs. We just never got there. I would run to pick her up, she would have a bad day, then I wouldn’t go to the gym. I was getting really tired of putting myself on the back burner. And then I spoke to my husband and he said since we pay for after school care…USE IT.

I told my daughter that I am no longer going to run to go get her when I get off work. I need to do something for me. So yesterday I packed my gym bag and brought it to work. I changed clothes at work, and drove directly to the gym. If I go home first, well, I won’t leave. I walked for 20 minutes, and rode the bike for 20. 40 minutes of good exercise! And it felt great!

So last night I go on the computer downstairs and started loading up new songs on my iPod to work out too. I told my daughter I’m going to create a workout playlist on her iPod touch, which holds more songs too. It got my heart pumping and I found I didn’t really want to leave. I have to do this for me.

I have another challenge this weekend…a girl’s retreat. A few of my friends and I like to scrapbook, and one of the gals invited us to her house for the weekend as her hubby is out of town. So about 6 of us are getting together and spending Friday night thru Sunday morning at her place. They have meals planned like lasagna, pizza, cinnamon rolls etc. I hope I didn’t offend the host, but I let her know I was going to bring my own food as I have some things I’m trying to avoid. (Cinnamon rolls? Are you kidding me??? I would love to shove about 3 in my mouth and run and hide, but I have a gut feeling that would make me extremely ill) So I plan to bring my post sleeve items like turkey and cheese rolled up on a low carb tortilla with laughing cow cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, you know…healthier things.

Don’t get me wrong, I could eat pizza. But should I? Nope. I would love to eat a few slices of lasagna. But I want to try to avoid pastas. The other thing is when we get together we usually drink wine. So I haven’t had any alcohol in months. Do I need alcohol? No, not at all. But I am curious what a sip of wine would taste like. Would I still want it? Would it taste horrible, like coffee does now? So I may have a sip. But I have no plans to drink a lot.

To be honest, all the compliments I am getting are really keeping me on track. So much so that I’m starting to feel a new kind of confidence again. Like I want to do my hair and wear lipstick. That ship had sailed for awhile. Today I had a new client come in and talk to me about an endorsement. Until the end of the year, they are going to be doing all of my hair color and cuts for me. It will save me some $$, but also make me feel pretty again.

I feel like I’m breaking out of my rut. Or my cocoon. I’m emerging into something different. The weight loss center that I had my surgery with advertises with our radio station. I want to approach them about doing an endorsement. Which means I would talk about my experience in their commercials. Full on letting everyone know what I did, and why. I really hope it works out.


One thought on “Today is for me

  1. Uh … Wine still tastes good to me as does coffee. But beware that 1 glass of wine feels like 3 glasses now. “1 and done” is my new mantra. I also reserve that glass of wine for a special occasion. I’m not really craving alcohol. I wonder how the sleeve changed that. ?
    Have a great time with your friends and good for you bringing food that you can eat. Tracey


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