Two days in a row!

I hit the gym two days in a row and I’m so proud of myself! I did something new too! I saw a spin class start to get ready and I asked the instructor what level it was. She said it was for any level and I could go at my own pace. I asked how long the class was, and she replied 45 minutes. I told her there is NO way I could do 45 minutes, and she said if I wanted to do 10, and walk away it was fine. She said I should try something new. So I did. I lasted about 11 minutes, but I did it. My butt is so damn sore though!

I am getting more and more compliments every day. Even though my scale went up a few pounds, it’s ok. People see big changes in me. I feel it too. I am getting my confidence back. I bought some new lipgloss too!

Ok…I  have to put in my new song to get pumped up too.


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