I think I did well for my girl’s retreat weekend!

So first of all, I haven’t seen a lot of movement in my scale this month, although I am fitting in clothes better. I’ve seen little ups and downs of 1-3 pounds. I decided I’m only weighing myself on Mondays. And I was afraid I might be on an up swing after the weekend, but I was down a pound. So I’m calling it a win.

I worked out twice last week. I brought my clothes for today to hit the gym. If I had extra $$ I would get a trainer to train me once a week. But that is a luxury I don’t have right now. So I will find some workout things on the web to help me. Move 30 minutes every day…that is my goal.

Anyhow…my weekend. I went to a friend’s house, about an hour away, to spend the weekend with some other ladies doing scrapbooking. I’m trying to scrapbook all the bands I’ve met, and of course my daughter. I am so many years behind, I can’t even explain it. But we laugh, eat too much and drink a lot of wine. Usually. This was my first time since surgery. So I drove up Friday night and left Sunday morning. I brought a lot of my ‘healthier food’ so I had options that I could use.

Friday night we had a great tomato based soup that was delicious and pretty healthy. I didn’t have the biscuits that were served, but the soup was plenty. I did have like 1/4 glass of wine that I sipped over the course of 3 hours. So I never felt any effects as I was also drinking water. I didn’t have any popcorn or anything either. It was a lot of fun.

The next morning our hostess served caramel and cinnamon rolls, and an egg/sausage/cheese casserole with fresh fruit. I had a strawberry, some blueberries and a sliver of the casserole with salsa. I hot some hot tea and felt like I was still doing great. The girls had mimosas for a good chunk of the day, but I didn’t. There were a lot of chips, and m&m’s, etc to snack on and I avoided them all. I did have a pita chip with some hummus because I wanted to try it. For lunch we had Papa Murphy’s Delite pizzas, so I had one slice of the veggie pizza. The crust is very thin on these, and I only had 1. I might have had a little too much with that slice as I was feeling uncomfortable. That night they made lasagna, and our hostess again went out of her way to make something better for me. She made a little dish with the sauce, meat and cheese. So I had noodle-free lasagna.  That night we sampled some cupcakes. I had 1/4 of a cupcake, if even. (I’m guessing as I had just a little sliver of each of the 4 kinds to taste)

And then I went home Sunday morning and was back in my comfort zone. I feel like I did really good! I had two packages from Lane Bryant waiting for me when I arrived home and I was very excited as they were new boots I bought myself! The knee high boots that were for wide feet and wide calves. Lo and behold my calves are still too big to make them work. I  have fat fat calves (let’s call them cows) and I don’t know if losing weight will ever effect them. So looks like I need to return the boots. Which makes me so sad!!

Anyone got any great slimming calves exercises for me?


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