I just did my 3 month blood work

Over the weekend I had a work function that my family went to. I had a ton of coworkers spouses comment on how good I looked. Which of course was a warm fuzzy I needed! My tops are getting too big. I have to keep pulling them up so I’m not flashing everyone.

This morning I went in and had my 3 month blood work done. I will get the results at my Weight Loss appt on Feb. 24th. Then I went next door and got a chest x ray to see if all the pneumonia is gone, so I can work out. I am feeling better, but would really like to get back into my gym groove.

I’m still only at 600-800 calories. I just can’t get anymore in! I have no hunger at all, and really forcing myself to eat. My nutritionist said its ok. To go at my own pace. That’s what I’m trying to do. We have lowered my protein a little because of the issues I was having with going to the bathroom. So I aim for 60grams of protein a day.

I am really seeing things change when I look in the mirror, or when I try on a shirt that used to be tight. Now things are loose and baggy. I like it. A lot!


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