Lab results are in!!

I got a call from the Weight Loss clinic to go over my lab results. Every thing looks great, except I’m a little too low in protein. I’m at a level 6, and they want you between 6.5-8. Which I can add back in my protein shake and get there easily. We had lowered my protein due to the issues I was having with bowel movements.

My vitamin D level has gotten back where it needed to be. I was really low when they released me from the hospital, so they had me on prescription dose vitamin D for about 2 months. Now I will switch to just an over the counter vitamin D to maintain my level.

So I’m happy! I’ve cut my blood pressure medication in half, and feel great now! In a few months I will go to my regular dr to have thyroid levels checked to see if we need to lower my medication there too.

It’s a good day! 🙂


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