Moving down a size in jeans

I weighed myself this morning, and I am half a pound away from being -80 pounds. Woot Woot!! I have had lots of comments about my jeans being too big and baggy, so this morning I pulled out some Lane Bryant Seven jeans. I bought 3 pairs of new size 18  Seven jeans off of Ebay about 6 years ago. They had the tags on them still. And they were too tight when they arrived. For fun I tried on a pair today….AND THEY FIT. Holy crap! I can wear them!! So I pulled out a sweater (it’s Iowa and cold) and it’s too baggy, but I’m still wearing it.

I’m doing the happy dance.

A lot.

And a coworker just came back from maternity leave today and made a comment about how great I am looking. Which made me feel amazing.

I did get a little snacky last night. I think that time of the month is coming and that means I start putting all kinds of crap in my mouth. So I tried to resist and just have 1/2 a cup of cottage cheese. Slow and steady.

Last week my boss gave me a box of truffles for Valentines Day. I ate one and stuck the rest in the freezer. I can have one every month. Should last me for the next year. Slow and steady.

Instead of wine or chocolate for Valentines, my husband and daughter cleaned my house. Best gift EVER!!

The dr cleared me to start exercising again. So I’m bringing that back! I will pass that -80 pound mark this week. You betcha!


One thought on “Moving down a size in jeans

  1. Yeah. I wish that I had saved my old jeans to send to you. Thanks for following my food/health blog. I just got my blood work back and everything was perfect. Good luck with the exercise. You might need to start out slowly. I keep my two blog separate but I’m glad that you follow both. 🙂 Tracey


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