A couple of roadblocks are in my way that I need to get around.

First one is I’ve been sick and fell off the gym wagon. Obviously the dr wanted me to recover first. Now I am having a hard time getting my bootie back into the gym. I’m still really fatigued from the pneumonia, and that is part of it. But I broke the ‘routine’ so it’s hard to make it habit again. And I need to.

Second is that I’ve been getting ‘snacky’ at night. Trying to avoid and overcome this. But the last few days I’ve been going nuts at night, like after 8. I don’t want a protein shake. I want a handful of those damn potato chips sitting on top of the fridge. I’ve made hot tea to try to curb the urge. Last night I resorted to taking my sleeping pill to knock me out before I did major damage.

Finally, I am accepting some new roles at work, and I am excited/nervous about it. In the past that be a reason to eat. And celebrate, which led to going out to eat, etc…you know the drill.

Now the things that I’ve achieved this week. I’ve gotten to wear two pairs of pants that I bought and never wore 6 years ago. I can fit into them!! And I pulled out a shirt that I haven’t worn in 7 years. And it looks good. I actually feel slim! I have found that when I feel slim and attractive again, I have wanted to take better care in my appearance. Lipgloss, curling my hair….those things are back into play. When I felt crappy about myself, I didn’t care.

And my 7 year old is proud of me. She is constantly telling my how my hips and calves look like I’m losing weight. She is wrong about those calves, but I think she is confusing that body part with thighs.

I almost can’t wait to put on a swim suit this year.

I do want to say that since I introduced a little caffeine back into my diet, I’ve become a coffee drinker again. Not to the extent I was by any means! But I see nothing wrong with a small nonfat latte in the morning. I’ve limited it to that. Not the quad shot latte I used to make every day. And I know if I allow that, then I have to get more water in every day to offset the effects.

I’m getting so much support from people around me, blogs, and messageboards. It really is great motivation to keep on track. I walked down the hall today and a woman I work with about fell out of her chair when she saw me in my slimming shirt today. She said ‘Oh my god you look amazing!’ I like that feeling.


One thought on “Roadblock

  1. I think snacking is ok if you chose a protein rich food. I’m having trouble getting enough calories in to avoid crashes. I bought Quest bars and Quest chips for my protein snacks or mini-meals. They have them at Amazon but they are cheaper at Quest. Can you find an exercise class that you will look forward to? I’m loving Cardio dance and mat Pilates. Spin class is my go to aerobic sport. Heck, start slow, who cares. It’s a marathon not a sprint.


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