Wedding dress….

If you have ever taken a sleeping pill, then you know there is this gray area before you fall asleep where you almost feel drunk. This was me the other night! Usually I find myself on Facebook or online shopping during this dangerous time. But oddly enough, I got it in my head that I was going to see if my wedding dress fit.

I haven’t worn it in 10 years. But it is a size 18 and that’s where I am. And it fit!! Joy! Happy dance all around the house! But no one was awake to see it.

Last night we went for sushi at my favorite place. I had them make my favorite roll with no rice. (At happy hour there are four pieces in a roll, so perfect for me!) It wasn’t the same with no rice, I’ll admit. I think I’ll have them make it like last time with half the rice so it’s not just straight seaweed wrap.

I have changed my appearance enough that we need to take new station photos. I also started doing afternoons on our classic hits station, in addition to my midday shift on our Hot AC. More challenges rolling my way each week!!imageimage


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