Weekly weigh in

I’m down to 241.4. I feel ok about that. Only about a pound lost in the week, but it is what it is. I went to support group on Saturday, and it was great to get recharged with motivation. I took a 30 minute walk Saturday, and Sunday. I did a leisurely pace both days. This afternoon I am meeting a friend for a walk around a lake. It’s actually beautiful here, so I can’t wait to get outdoors.

Even though I am not seeing big movement on the scale, I am seeing it in other areas. I bought new bras on Saturday and that is really making my shirts look better. And my waist seem tiny. I am wearing a new shirt today that last week my husband and I thought might be just a *touch* too small. It looks great today. And I feel great.

Funny, as I am going thru these changes I notice I am wearing jewelry again. And wanting my makeup to look good. I have two endorsements with my job coming through that are also making me feel better. One is for The Good Feet Store. The set me up with orthotics and new shoes that are making me feet feel great! Helping with the exercise plan!

The second endorsement is for lazer hair removal. I did it on Saturday, and it has me feeling pretty. Weird eh? Self confidence is there, attitude is positive, motivation is present….it’s like all hands on deck people! We got this!

Anyone else doing good and feeling positive? I don’t need the scale to move. I just need to move and keep a smile on my face!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly weigh in

    • Thanks Tracey! I feel like I’m making positive changes every day and that I will always be a work in progress. I feel like a super hero sometimes! I was asked by our local Wellmark office if they could use my story to inspire some of their employees to get healthy. I said go for it. I’ll do what I can to get someone else started on the right foot. Take it day by day and anything is possible.


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