We have FINALLY had some good weather here in Iowa, so I’ve been getting outside for walks.

Saturday I did a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood with the dog.

Sunday I walked with my dog, daughter, and friend Jamie. We did the dry trails at Raccoon River for about 40 minutes.

Monday Jamie joined me at Grey’s lake for a walk. 2.1 miles at a leisurely pace.

Tuesday we did the walk at Grey’s again.

Wednesday I joined Jamie for another Grey’s lake journey. Then Wednesday night I took my daughter swimming at my gym for family swim.

I feel good but the top of my legs are aching a little. They aren’t used to the exercise, and my friend said my body is still repositioning everything after surgery. My only hope is that I can get rid of my fat ankles and calves. I have an issue with my Lymphatic system getting rid of fluid. So I don’t wear shorts or shirts as they are hideous. I really don’t think weight loss is going to help. I know exercises for my calves don’t slim them, they only bulk up. Help? Anyone?

Regardless, the plan is to keep moving. Even 30 minutes a day is great! I am still just walking, and don’t plan on moving to a jog yet. Slow and steady. I told my daughter is she had a good day at school again today we would celebrate. She asked if that meant we can go to the kids gym. (She plays in the kids gym while I work out.)

Last night I was able to wear a swim suit that I ordered 2 years ago, and never fit into. The tags were still on it! It fit! Today I am wearing a new shirt from Lane Bryant that is 14/16. The down side is my jeans are loose and make me look heavier. Oh well…not a bad problem to have!


3 thoughts on “Exercise

  1. You have so much to celebrate! Congrats on fitting into your suit, that’s a major win! I have had success eliminating water weight by adding lemon to my diet. I have heard it can help with lymphatic system support too! Squeeze half of a lemon into some warm water and drink first thing in the morning, & again before bed if you like. Check it out online, lots of info 🙂 Keep walking, you’re doing great!


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