More than a feeling…

I know we have talked about the whole constipation issue to death. But it is still happening to me once a month where I have to take so much Milk of Mag and Mirolax that I am a danger to those around me. I could feel it Friday night. I had no issues pooping Friday morning. But I felt the change in my belly Friday night and knew what the beautiful weekend held for me. It is my ONLY complaint with my surgery.

Saturday I spent the whole day at home waiting for the rupture. Saturday night at like 11pm we had take off. It took so much out of me I had to send my hubby to go get Propel Zero. I was wiped out!

Then I woke up Sunday to the mother of all migraines. So Sunday was spent huddled in a ball with two doses of migraine medicine. Today I feel like I have a sinus issue and I’m dizzy. I am wondering if my blood pressure is getting too low again. It might be close to time to completely go off that med so I’ll be ready to check that out. soon.

Weigh in for me is Monday mornings. I am down 4 pounds this week. I’ll take it. Are you kidding me? Hell yeah!!

Goals are to get walking today unless another migraine unleashes its fury on me. I brought my workout clothes so I can change at work and hit the paths around a local lake.

Hope everyone is ready for another killer week!


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