A new week, a new goal

Well on Monday of last week I was 90 pounds down. Thursday when I weighed I was up 2 pounds, and I held onto that for yesterday’s weigh in. So what’s up?

It was my husbands birthday and we have sweets in the house that I’ve been nibbling on. I haven’t been drinking enough water as well. The plus side is that I know what my challenges are. But I refuse to let the scale define me! NO! This is my life and I’m proud of the way my clothes are fitting.

I’m also proud that last week I did 2 miles on the treadmill. I would walk for 2-3 minutes, then jog for 30 seconds. I did this for 45 minutes. Sunday night I went to the gym and did 3 miles. But this time I would walk for 2-3 minutes and jog for 45 seconds. I was so proud of myself! All though my hip flexor is a little sore still, I’m getting it done.

I will bust through this little rut and keep going. My goals are for long term success. So I’m trying to drink more and more water and up my protein levels. And to quit that late night snacking that is killing me.

I am seeing a lot of hair loss. I’m on the low end of protein (60-65grams) because of the pooping issues I’ve had and still continue to have. But I’ve started on Biotin to see if that will help. But hell, I’ll cut my hair short and be fine with it. With rapid weight loss comes hair loss. It’s only hair. And it’s a small price to pay for being healthy. Right?

I have a hair appointment this afternoon and I might just chop off my hair. We shall see. I’m in a very weird place with sizes. A lot of my jeans are too big, and the rest are just a shade too tight. I have tops that are 2x and 3x that I just can’t wear. They make me look huge. Time to let them go. Why am I having trouble letting those big sizes go? It’s almost like I don’t believe it is real?

But the way I feel is real. I have a friend that I’ve mentioned before that has had some problems with my weight loss. I hadn’t seen her since my surgery and then Friday night she came out to a remote of mine. We finally got the chance to hang out and she still insists she is just dealing with other stuff and is very sorry she was putting distance between us. Anyhow…right away she said how proud she was of me etc. And as I’ve lost, she has gained. I’m not pointing that out in a ‘karma’ kind of way etc. My point is the stress she is dealing with in her life is doing to her body what I had let happen to mine. Stress packs on the pounds for me. And I see it doing it to her. She asked me if I felt better because I was smaller. And I answered that I feel better, because I FEEL better. My joints don’t ache. I’m not lugging 90 extra pounds around. That makes you feel better all over. It has very little to do with the fact that I’m smaller. It has to do with just feeling better.

I’m stunned by that. That I just plain feel better. And when I eat crappy I don’t. Drinking more water makes me feel better. Exercising makes me feel amazing. And I don’t dread each day.

Woot woot!


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