Little by little

For a month the scale has just been fluctuating between 3 pounds. But I’m still feeling like my body is reshaping itself so I refuse to get hung up on numbers on the scale. I weigh myself Mondays, and sometimes on Thursdays. That’s enough.

Things I know for sure? I need more water in me. I do my best, but it can always be more water. I need to eat less at night. That is a tough one but I recognize the issue and am doing my best to get myself out of that corner. I need to keep moving. Exercise exercise exercise. Even when I do a walk/jog around the local lake (just over 2 miles) I feel better.

Things I don’t know? How in the world am I going to do this 5K on Saturday? There will be a lot of walking as I haven’t trained properly at all. But I finally got an iphone so I can use the Couch to 5K app for the next one.

I am getting my coworkers involved in doing a mud run/obstacle 5K with me in August. They are all pumped. So we got this.

One day at a time. I am better now than I ever was. I feel amazing!


Today is the day

Here is another article that appeared in the paper this morning about me.

See it HERE

The Grand Blue Mile is tonight at 6. It is a mile run/walk/jog with a recreational division that I’m participating in. My goal is to jog half of it. And to finish. For someone who is new to this exercise thing in many ways…big steps.

I’ve been eating crappy at night again. Need to fix that asap. Horrible bad habits creeping in. Anyone got advice there?? I’m totally fine until late at night.

But I did buy a pair of size 16 jeans at Lane Bryant. My butt looks amazing in these jeans. So much that I don’t care that they cost $70, as I will wear them every day for the rest of my life. They are the special tummy tuck technology. Love them. I also love the Livi active line they have too. Which I swore I was never going to be that girl who spent money on special exercise clothes. Why do it when I have more tshirts than I’ll ever wear in my life? Well there control tech leggings rock my world and nothing jiggles when I attempt a jog. So yeah, I caved.

My birthday was over the weekend and I treated myself to a massage. It was heavenly. I didn’t eat too bad during my birthday, but I did have some bites of cupcake. The scale isn’t moving for me, and I’m sure it’s overeating. I need to get my butt in gear and focus. I can do this. I went to Lush and treated myself to some facial products. (They are a nationwide company that carry bath goodies) I told my husband if food is no longer a reward then I having to treat myself in other areas. He said to go for it. And I am.

So look, tonight I need to kick ass on this mile walk/jog. I can do this. Because my jiggling butt is attempting a 5k May 2.

Set back? Nah

This morning I passed out getting ready for work. Scared the crap out of me. I laid on the bed for a minute, then called my seven year old to the room to help me get to the dining room. I took my blood pressure and got 104/72. For me this is not good so I knew I had to to the dr.

i actually had an appointment set up for next week to see if I could completely go off my blood pressure medication. We already cut the dose if half. The office wanted me seen immediately. The fatigue, inability to retain heat, and lightheaded feelings were all indicators.

at the dr office they got my BP at 100/52! Way too low. Officially off meds and must rest today, AND eat things with sodium to try to bring it up. I still feel very tired, but I know it’s my body adjusting and leveling things out.

So today was different than I had planned. And that’s ok.

Does anyone need to see me working out?

Oh I have some FAILS to go thru this blog!!

I was getting snack attacks at night last week. Those bad habits that made me gain weight in the beginning started poking their ugly heads up in my business again! On Friday Village Inn had two pies delivered to me because I talked about them on the radio. So I had a piece of pie. Which is ok, life is about balance. But I did not feel good after that pie. It sat in my stomach like a big ol lead weight.

Then after work Friday I picked up candy for Easter. So Saturday night I indulged in chocolate as I was filling plastic Easter eggs. Unbelievable I know. I shoveled it in. I couldn’t help it. And although I didn’t throw up, I felt sick. So sick. Like ‘please let me throw up so I will feel better’ kind of sick. That sugar hit me so hard and made me feel so bad. Once you taste the sugar, you crave the sugar. So now I have to get off the sugar cycle again so my body doesn’t crave it anymore. The next few days will be a sugar detox for me.

A local tv station came in and did an interview with me about my weight loss journey for a segment that will air soon. She asked if it was hard to share with everyone my story since I was in the public eye. Kinda threw me for a loop. But I told her my listeners were all there when I put on the weight, so why shouldn’t I share the journey with them as I take it off? There is NO shame in having weight loss surgery. The only shame would have been to continue to sit on the couch. I am not embarrassed by what I’ve done. I’m encouraged to see what I will become. 

The support I’ve gotten from friends, family, co-workers AND listeners, has been encouraging! And kept me accountable.

The downside of the interview? They want footage of me working out at the gym. Nobody wants to see that! ACK!!

One more thing that is throwing everyone off, is that fact that I seem to be much happier. Duh! My body doesn’t hurt all the time, I am sleeping better, I feel good. Makes sense.

Sharing the story

Ok, I was interviewed about my surgery and lifestyle changes by Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield here in Des Moines, as they are sponsoring a 1 mile race/walk called the Grand Blue Mile. I had mentioned on my blog that I was doing my first 5K, and they offered me a free registration to participate in the Grand Blue Mile, if I would allow them to use my story to inspire their employees to exercise.

Here is the story if you would like to read it. CLICK HERE

I went and got my hair cut too yesterday. I just felt the weight come off as she cut. Check out the difference in my face!

_DSMRG2_224#9B98new cut