Set back? Nah

This morning I passed out getting ready for work. Scared the crap out of me. I laid on the bed for a minute, then called my seven year old to the room to help me get to the dining room. I took my blood pressure and got 104/72. For me this is not good so I knew I had to to the dr.

i actually had an appointment set up for next week to see if I could completely go off my blood pressure medication. We already cut the dose if half. The office wanted me seen immediately. The fatigue, inability to retain heat, and lightheaded feelings were all indicators.

at the dr office they got my BP at 100/52! Way too low. Officially off meds and must rest today, AND eat things with sodium to try to bring it up. I still feel very tired, but I know it’s my body adjusting and leveling things out.

So today was different than I had planned. And that’s ok.


2 thoughts on “Set back? Nah

  1. Thank you! I was feeling for the week the time had come for the rest of my BP meds to go away. And I was right! I’m still light headed and not back to normal, but hope soon!


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