Little by little

For a month the scale has just been fluctuating between 3 pounds. But I’m still feeling like my body is reshaping itself so I refuse to get hung up on numbers on the scale. I weigh myself Mondays, and sometimes on Thursdays. That’s enough.

Things I know for sure? I need more water in me. I do my best, but it can always be more water. I need to eat less at night. That is a tough one but I recognize the issue and am doing my best to get myself out of that corner. I need to keep moving. Exercise exercise exercise. Even when I do a walk/jog around the local lake (just over 2 miles) I feel better.

Things I don’t know? How in the world am I going to do this 5K on Saturday? There will be a lot of walking as I haven’t trained properly at all. But I finally got an iphone so I can use the Couch to 5K app for the next one.

I am getting my coworkers involved in doing a mud run/obstacle 5K with me in August. They are all pumped. So we got this.

One day at a time. I am better now than I ever was. I feel amazing!


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