And then those old habits come in to say HI!

I was so close to my -100 lb mark I could taste it.

Then I taste Lucky Charms and crackers. I started seeing old eating habits creep back in. And when they did, I didn’t exercise. I will say that for 2 weeks I’ve been in migraine hell due to the weather changes here in Iowa, so that has limited my movement a great deal. I had been drinking 3 lattes a day (sugar free with skim milk, but still calories) to help deal with the migraines.

But today I weighed myself and I gained 3-4 pounds. But I see it. And no excuses, I haven’t been doing what I need to do. So back to more water, less caffeine, and protein shakes. Let’s not totally derail the train. Back on track is where I want to be, and to be there I need to follow the plan. Focus.

I got this.


4 thoughts on “And then those old habits come in to say HI!

  1. It is funny how nearly accomplishing a goal can sometimes cause us to stumble. For myself I sometimes sabotage my successes and sometimes when I am doing well, I just forget to do the work since I know I’ve done so well.

    It sounds like you’re doing what you need to do to get back on track and that is always something to be proud of!

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  2. I’ve been losing small but steady amounts since surgery. Had my 3 month post op last week and they were pleased but said I need to be working out at least 5 days a week…holy crap…

    You my dear are doing amazing!! Quite the inspiration! Keep up the good work…don’t let the speed bumps slow you down!

    If you need me I’ll be the one living at the gym–trying not to die 🙂


    • And after I wrote this I had a coworker tell me I looked amazing. I told her I was feeling down and a tad defeated due to my bounce back up on the scale and she said sometimes that is when we need to be reminded most. Yup. That is it! I needed a kick in the butt to focus again. And today I’ve had two protein shakes, and about 5 cups of water. I feel waterlogged. Peeing nonstop. Which tells me I wasn’t getting enough water! Amber, let’s both get our butts to the gym!! Together we are all stronger!


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