I hit my 100 pounds gone mark!!!

I just knew when I woke up this morning that I made it. I hit it. -100 pounds since my decision to have surgery. I lost 25 leading up to my surgery, and now 75 pounds since my surgery, just over 6 months ago.

And I’ve said over and over that it isn’t about a number. I feel great and have the energy to work out. But for some reason the 100 mark felt like a landmark number. I am wearing pants that another surgery patient handed down to me that are Rue 21 brand, size large. I never would have attempted these before. I actually feel ok in shorts. And never in my life have I worn capris!! Until now. I had an insecure moment this morning so I threw on an oversized shirt to cover my butt. And everyone is telling me it is too big and not flattering.

But see for yourself.

I see big changes in my neckline. That is where I feel skinny. At an event last night I had a ton of listeners come up and tell me I looked great. Which made me feel great!

I have my workout gear with me ready to walk this afternoon. And a 5K on Saturday that has me freaking out as I’m not ready. But I’m doing it. ml2 ml1


4 thoughts on “I hit my 100 pounds gone mark!!!

  1. Wow…amazing. I’m very happy for you and yes, get rid of the baggy shirt, girl!! You have worked hard for that new body!!


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