I’m back!!

Seems like I’ve been MIA for awhile. Maybe you didn’t notice. Maybe you did. Regardless, I need to blog for me.

I was at a big ol plateau where the weight wasn’t moving anymore. I’m about eight months post surgery and down roughly 100. Maybe a tad more. I’m proud of that. But I see some ugly habits that need to be addressed. Snacking. It is what got me big, and will derail me if I don’t address it NOW.

I started with the late night snacking. Mindless stuffing of cookies and chips into my mouth. And it needs to stop. There are no excuses for the backslide. I need to pick myself up and dust myself off.

So I landed an endorsement deal with a place called Orange Theory. It is a chain, so there might be one near you. Google it to get an idea if you are interested. It is group fitness, with a trainer that makes you feel like you really are getting personalized attention. I’ve done two sessions and I know this is going to help me. Let’s face it, any moving of the body is a good thing! You wear a heart monitor and it you get an idea at the end of the workout how many calories you burned. You get your heart going to such a degree you continue to burn even after the workout. It’ not just cardio. It’s strength training as well.

I love it.

I can feel it today as I did the class last night. But it’s a good feeling.

I am also about a month out from Titan Mob! So excited by this! It is a 5K with an obstacle course. I’m scared, but I’m doing it anyway. This summer is all about breaking out of my comfort zone.

Two weeks ago I wore a swimsuit in public. Can you believe it?? I can’t! I had to go thru all my swimsuits and they were all TOO BIG! Great feeling. I wore a skirt to work this week. Everyone, including my husband, was in shock. That’s just not me!

But this is the new me. So watch out world!