I did the hardest thing I’ve ever done!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve blogged. But I did an event called Titan Mob.

Hardest thing I’ve ever done. Simply put. I still can’t believe I did it.

Saturday was the Titan Mob that I signed up for on a whim. I kept telling myself I have plenty of time to train. It’s end of August. I got this. I ended up going in pretty much not ready at all for the challenge. I really thought maybe I would back out. But then Julie, the owner of Orange Theory Fitness signed up to do it with me. I couldn’t let her down. So I showed up on Saturday.

I will be brutally honest and say I don’t know if I would have finished if Julie hadn’t been by my side pushing me every step of the way. There were obstacles that I didn’t even attempt. I did not want to injure myself. I saw Jamie, the organizer of Titan Mob right when I arrived, and she told me that the course was very slick. She told me I would need to be patient and not get frustrated. I didn’t know what this meant until I was on the course.

titan2  titan3 titan4 titan5 titan6 titan7

These are pictures my husband took of me at the first set of obstacles. We had to go thru 3 muddy slopes into water, climb out and move on. I wasn’t able to jog like I wanted, as the obstacles really winded me. I know Julie stayed by my side, when she really could have moved on ahead of me. There were some obstacles I just didn’t do. Some very high walls were avoided, and a really steep muddy hill where you climbed up on a rope. I think this one was closed later as it got really difficult to manage.  I also avoided the rock climbing walls and took the penalty of burpees instead.

But I flipped a tire. I climbed thru sewage drains (they were clean) and muddy tunnels. I crossed creek beds in water that was chest high and freezing. I attempted the monkey bars. I did fall, but hey, I tried. I climbed up a small hill using a rope, and actually got myself up top with no help.

A surprise to me, was the camaraderie among participants. Someone would pass you on the running path and say ‘you are doing great, keep it up’, or look back and ask if you needed help getting out of a creak bed. I was trying to get out of the creek and up onto a muddy bank, that was waist high. A guy came up behind me and offered to help me out. It was such a great feeling! Nobody looked at you like ‘there is no way you can do this.’ Exactly the opposite. You got credit for being there. For being muddy. And trying.


This was a picture of Julie and I as we finished the race. We were covered in mud, but the last obstacle is a giant slide, than dumped you in a pool of water. So we came out fairly clean. It took me just under 2 hours to complete this Titan Mob. But for me, it wasn’t about the time. It was about finishing it.

Afterwards at the car, I peeled off my muddy clothes and wrapped up in a towel. As I was in the car, I slowly could feel my body start to ache. I went home and popped some Tylenol and rested. And then my family surprised me with this.


It’s my bib and medal from the race. We will add a photo of me and put it up on the wall. When I got home I crawled in the shower and broke down in tears. A year ago I couldn’t have done this. I don’t think 4 months ago I could have done this. But I was so proud of myself for challenging myself and actually doing it. My family was very proud of me.

A few on my listeners were there encouraging me as well. Misty Kohrs, Brent Hommer and his wife, and Julie from Orange Theory Fitness. I couldn’t have done it without all the support.

Today I’m wearing my Titan Mob tshirt and telling everyone who will listen that ‘I Did This!’

Sunday I was very sore, but I knew I needed to get moving in some way to loosen up my muscles. So my daughter and I went to Raccoon River for a bike ride. A year ago I couldn’t have ridden a bike. But I did yesterday! I did the whole 3.2 miles.

Today is my 9 month checkup post surgery. And although the scale hasn’t moved since May, I am not letting that define my success. I wanted to be active, and I am. I am exercising 2-3 times a week at Orange Theory Fitness. (And loving it!!) And I’m walking and biking. I am seeing new changes in me everyday. And I’m not close to being done.


– See more at: http://star1025.com/karess/i-did-it-titan-mob-is-complete/#sthash.w0q6lNEz.dpuf

I’m back!!

Seems like I’ve been MIA for awhile. Maybe you didn’t notice. Maybe you did. Regardless, I need to blog for me.

I was at a big ol plateau where the weight wasn’t moving anymore. I’m about eight months post surgery and down roughly 100. Maybe a tad more. I’m proud of that. But I see some ugly habits that need to be addressed. Snacking. It is what got me big, and will derail me if I don’t address it NOW.

I started with the late night snacking. Mindless stuffing of cookies and chips into my mouth. And it needs to stop. There are no excuses for the backslide. I need to pick myself up and dust myself off.

So I landed an endorsement deal with a place called Orange Theory. It is a chain, so there might be one near you. Google it to get an idea if you are interested. It is group fitness, with a trainer that makes you feel like you really are getting personalized attention. I’ve done two sessions and I know this is going to help me. Let’s face it, any moving of the body is a good thing! You wear a heart monitor and it you get an idea at the end of the workout how many calories you burned. You get your heart going to such a degree you continue to burn even after the workout. It’ not just cardio. It’s strength training as well.

I love it.

I can feel it today as I did the class last night. But it’s a good feeling.

I am also about a month out from Titan Mob! So excited by this! It is a 5K with an obstacle course. I’m scared, but I’m doing it anyway. This summer is all about breaking out of my comfort zone.

Two weeks ago I wore a swimsuit in public. Can you believe it?? I can’t! I had to go thru all my swimsuits and they were all TOO BIG! Great feeling. I wore a skirt to work this week. Everyone, including my husband, was in shock. That’s just not me!

But this is the new me. So watch out world!

I hit my 100 pounds gone mark!!!

I just knew when I woke up this morning that I made it. I hit it. -100 pounds since my decision to have surgery. I lost 25 leading up to my surgery, and now 75 pounds since my surgery, just over 6 months ago.

And I’ve said over and over that it isn’t about a number. I feel great and have the energy to work out. But for some reason the 100 mark felt like a landmark number. I am wearing pants that another surgery patient handed down to me that are Rue 21 brand, size large. I never would have attempted these before. I actually feel ok in shorts. And never in my life have I worn capris!! Until now. I had an insecure moment this morning so I threw on an oversized shirt to cover my butt. And everyone is telling me it is too big and not flattering.

But see for yourself.

I see big changes in my neckline. That is where I feel skinny. At an event last night I had a ton of listeners come up and tell me I looked great. Which made me feel great!

I have my workout gear with me ready to walk this afternoon. And a 5K on Saturday that has me freaking out as I’m not ready. But I’m doing it. ml2 ml1

New hair

I am six months post op from Sleeve surgery, and had a lot of hair loss. It is coming to an end, and I’m not seeing much come out anymore, but it was significant. Many of my friends commented they would freak out over it. Nah. I’d gladly lose my hair again for the healthy way I feel now. It’s only hair. I was attached to it by the roots, but not emotionally attached.

I went to my hairdresser yesterday to get rid of my gray roots. And I told her how unhealthy my hair was. I was losing underneath at the nape of my neck, so I couldn’t get it to look ok in the back no matter what. It looked too thin. We decided to cut it. She suggested she needed to cut it off to a healthy length and asked if I would be ok going short. I said do what you need to do. We added lots of color for dimension. And we cut it shorter than I have ever worn it before. Or at least since 4th grade.

rhi and me new hair

I’m getting used to it. It’s a big change. Here is a picture to give you an idea of where it was.

new work

I feel like a different person. This could be perfect for me and give me another kick in the butt to keep going. So I ordered some funky headbands today to give me extra motivation.

Anyone else gone thru the hair loss? Again, a small price to pay for being healthy, so I will take it.

Also, I had my 6 month follow up on Friday of last week. I explained that my workouts have been derailed by migraines for the past three weeks. I have been suffering like mad. They wanted me to go to my general dr and have her look at giving me a preventative medicine that I would take every night instead of just treating the migraines. They explained that there is a very small percentage of weight loss patients who experience more migraines after surgery. I don’t think this is really the case, I really do think it is due to the massive fluctuations we have had with weather.

So on Tuesday I did see my regular doctor and we found a new med for me. I will take it daily and see if it works. It does knock me out, so I take it at night, which means I may not need my sleeping pill anymore. LOL

But I feel good. And to me, it’s all I want!

I’m stalled

I had my first outdoor concert of the season on Saturday, that I have hosted for 13 years. I was very nervous because alot of people haven’t seen me since surgery. I had a ton of people tell me I was looking great, so that was huge for me. I resisted a food vendor that I went to every night of concerts and had a protein bar instead. I also resisted a new food truck that has belgium fries with mayo based dipping sauces. I am afraid if I had it once it would be the death of me.

I am stalled on weight loss. I know why. I’ve suffered with migraines for about 3 weeks, and that has kept me from exercising or going to the gym. At all. It has really sidelined me. And exercise is a vital part of the formula for losing more weight. And with a free indulgences creeping in, you know how it is.

I have to make an effort to get to the gym. And as I type this I feel migraine creeping in on me again. (we have had a storm brew last night, and stormy weather today, which is my nemisis)

I can and will do this. It’s all good. Staying positive is a great thing.

I want to try to add the tv commercial for the concert series that I just got sent to me. But I can’t make it work. Bummer!!

Anyhow. We make mistakes. We learn from them. And we keep going.

And then those old habits come in to say HI!

I was so close to my -100 lb mark I could taste it.

Then I taste Lucky Charms and crackers. I started seeing old eating habits creep back in. And when they did, I didn’t exercise. I will say that for 2 weeks I’ve been in migraine hell due to the weather changes here in Iowa, so that has limited my movement a great deal. I had been drinking 3 lattes a day (sugar free with skim milk, but still calories) to help deal with the migraines.

But today I weighed myself and I gained 3-4 pounds. But I see it. And no excuses, I haven’t been doing what I need to do. So back to more water, less caffeine, and protein shakes. Let’s not totally derail the train. Back on track is where I want to be, and to be there I need to follow the plan. Focus.

I got this.


I still haven’t hit my 100 pound mark yet. But finally someone came up to me at work and said ‘when are you going to stop losing weight? You are getting so skinny!’

I like hearing that.

Another coworker said the same thing to me about an hour later. I was happy about that too.

Because I am working hard at this. It isn’t easy. Every day is a challenge. But I am meeting that challenge head on. Each and every day. So let me enjoy the compliments. They give me fuel.

I have new work shirts that are slimming on me. new work

I’m getting where I want to be. But I look at this picture and can really tell how thin my hair is getting. Oh well. It’s just hair.